Top 7 Unique Ideas To Boost virtual Party Engagement


We all look forward to virtual parties as it always comes with new possibilities and motivation for you. That’s why we all often find ourselves getting excited to celebrate the virtual.

As we are about to welcome the 2022, we bring you the ultimate blog filled with some amazing ways to organize fun and engagement in a virtual party.

Your dear ones might be away from you, but these virtua event engagement ideas will surely bring them closer to you.

Keep reading to find some of the top 7 ideas.

Top 7 Unique Ideas To Boost virtual Party Engagement

1.    Choose A Unique Theme

If you want to create excitement among your virtual party attendees, the foremost thing to do is to choose a unique theme for the party. It can be a costume party where everyone dresses up as their favorite characters. It could be based on a particular pop-culture theme or anything.

When you choose a unique theme, it inspires your virtual party attendees to do something instead of just getting out of their bed and turning the web camera on.

2.    Holiday Card Painting Workshop

It is important to keep your virtual party attendees active throughout the party so that their excitement remains intact, and they would preferably want to be a part of the virtual party and not forcefully.

Organize a Holiday card painting workshop at your virtual party. Since we are in the middle of the holiday season, everyone’s creativity caps are already on. Not to mention how everyone already have art supplies at home, making this the perfect and easy-to-execute activity.

3.    Create Hashtag Contest

Hashtags are dominating the social landscape. Be it a corporate event, any product launch, or just a drill to boost audience engagement, running a hashtag campaign or contest is all over the place.

Concerning maximizing the excitement of a virtual birthday party, create a hashtag contest, and don’t forget to use a unique hashtag that encourages your attendees to participate in the hashtag contest. To take things to the next level, you can create a social media wall by collecting all the content created by your Virtual party attendees and displaying it during the virtual party. It will inspire others to participate in your virtual party hashtag campaign, making the experience more fun.

4.    Play Holiday Quiz

We all love holiday quizzes. The holidays are incomplete without them. Why not introduce a holiday quiz at your virtual party to create excitement among the attendees. You can choose a theme for the quiz;  make sure to make it generic so that people find it fun to answer.

You can even go for a pop culture quiz or a holiday theme. Don’t forget to announce prizes for the winners; it will surely boost the excitement.

5.    Invite A Standup Comic

Invite a famous stand-up comic to your virtual party to keep your attendees entertained and make sure they don’t doze off before it even hits twelve.

The stand-up comic will create excitement at your virtual party and make sure that your attendees welcome the virtual with lots of laughter.

6.    Send Out Gift Boxes

The best way to give a physical look to your virtual party would be by sending out customized gift boxes to your virtual party attendees. You can surprise them by sending the gifts in the middle of the party, and you can also organize a gift-opening session where everyone shares what they received in the gift.

Not just that, you can even ask the attendees to gift something to each other, just like secret Santa. This idea would be perfect if you are having a rather intimate virtual party.

7.    Live Wheel Of Fortune

We all have seen or heard about the wheel of fortune. It creates a different kind of excitement among us. Keep your virtual party attendees on their toes with a virtual wheel of fortune.

Chit-pick the names of your attendees and allow them to try their luck in the wheel of fortune. It would be a great way to create excitement among them, and they will have something to look forward to.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Now that we have made it to the end of this blog, we hope that you are well equipped with some of the unique ideas for your virtual party.

So, what are you waiting for? Just around the corner, why not try it out for your virtual party and offer a memorable experience to your near and dear ones!

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