Astrology and Its Importance in Love


As Valentine’s day draws near do you want to know what the stars hold for you? You must have read 100’s of horoscopes trying to figure out what’s best for your love life but do you really know the importance astrology holds in matters of the heart?

Love is a spontaneous sensation that may flourish your life or shatter your heart most brutally if the wrong person touches the love chords. Gone are the days when individuals cared so deeply about their loved ones that they dedicated their whole life to earning their love partners’ confidence and devotion. We seldom witness people lose hope in today’s fast-paced world due to breakups that leave them discouraged. Vedic Astrology provides a glimmer of hope in such a situation since it may accurately predict the likelihood of a love relationship’s success. Vedic astrology can assist in thoroughly examining a chart to determine the positive and negative parts of a person’s personality. It’s like getting to know a person in his actual self, regardless of the public image he presents.

This is one of the main reasons Love Astrology is so popular these days.

The best astrologer in India will tell you what every other astrologer will tell you, Venus reigns supreme in matters of love. You can get a free or paid online astrology consultation.

Venus reigns supreme when it comes to love and those lovely, gushy butterflies you may be experiencing in your tummy.

For thousands of years, astronomers have witnessed Venus’s brilliant brilliance. Venus has always been auspicious, which is why the ancient Romans called it after the goddess of love, beauty, and wealth. Venus’ genesis narrative isn’t especially compelling, despite being represented as incredibly beautiful.

Venus is a romantic at heart who adores being in love. Venus rules romance and affection, as well as personal taste and aesthetics, in your natal chart. Venus is the planet that represents your ideals, especially your financial and material things. Venus is all about pleasure, so it just sits back and enjoys itself while getting precisely what it wants. That’s right; Venus is enjoying the high life – this heavenly body is all about the finer things in life.

The most popular method for determining compatibility is to look at the elements: A fire, earth, air, or water sign is always the perfect match for you. Another option is to think about your opposite sign (the one that happens on your half-birthday): While opposite sign unions might have an odd-couple vibe, their counterweight makes for some of the most dynamic duos.

Incompatible relationships can take many forms, but they restrict self-development, fuel fears, and produce toxic dynamics at their core. Though there is no one-size-fits-all method for detecting one, a basic astrological strategy for calculating incompatibility is to find the signs that are two signs apart from your own (in either direction). These signs have negative “square” aspects, which are tough 90-degree angles that cause tension, anxiety, and misunderstanding in Astro speak.

Our understanding of astrology is evolving at the same rate as our understanding of love. While sun signs, squares, and elements are enjoyable to start with, you and your potential mate must look at the entire chart for a complete compatibility assessment. Your Venus sign, for example, might reveal how you approach to romance, but your Mars sign can reveal how you start sex. You can do your chart with a fast online search if you know your birth time.

The astrological house in which Venus is located also impacts its attitude. The birth chart is split into 12 “houses,” each representing a distinct aspect of life. For example, someone with a Leo Venus in the sixth house (which symbolizes your everyday routines) may always be looking for ways to perform and gain attention at work. Alternatively, someone with Gemini Venus in their second house, which represents personal finances, may be able to make money by doing various jobs or side hustles simultaneously.

Venus is a planet that wants us to enjoy the pleasures of life, one of which is love. Your romantic quotient, what attributes you appreciate in a relationship, and the pattern of your love life will all be revealed by the effects on Venus in your birth chart. When it comes to falling out of love, though, Rahu and Ketu are the planets to watch out for.

Rahu’s relationships are forward-thinking and centered on the opportunity for progress. It allows the two persons to develop and do some job together that neither of them could have done alone in this birth. Relationships determined by Ketu, on the other hand, are backwards. These are the experiences that we have already had our fill of. These lessons and insights from these events are all around us, yet we are unconscious of them and uninterested in them.

In contrast to Rahu, who is never content with love or lust, Ketu’s link with Venus causes unhappiness in current relationships owing to a lack of emotion or desire for friendship. Such people are prone to forcing themselves into partnerships, only to emerge alone. The aimless Ketu leads Venus in various ways in love and relationships until she discovers there is no easy way to find her ideal partner.

When such combinations become active in one’s horoscope due to the action of Dasha, particularly Rahu or Ketu, we are compelled to reevaluate our love objectives and partnerships’ purpose. It causes relationships to fade and a sudden lack of interest or dissatisfaction with an existing companion.

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