How to Use the Aha Software Workflow Boards to Manage Projects


The Kanban board is the tool of choice for many teams because it increases visibility and improves the overall workflow. This is a common board that brings all the information on the same page and helps managers and employees visualize resource statuses, evaluate project progress and keep up the collaborative work. Aha software uses Kanban boards as part of their Roadmap module. They can record new initiatives, milestones, activities, and requirements using a single feature.

These Kanban workflow boards have settings that the others boards do not and we will outline what they are in this article.

Enabling the Workflow Board

All Aha product management software users have access to the workflow boards. The initiatives boards are available under the strategy menu. However, to create a workflow board that maps out milestones, requirements, and features users have to enable it individually for each workspace. There are settings under the navigation menu that allow you to choose between Kanban and Scrum for the workflow features. Although, this option is only available to administrators.

After enabling the option, users have access to an Agile board where they can view the status of all their initiatives, projects, and tasks. There is a record type menu that allows users to switch between different types of records.

Customizing the Workflow Board

The Kanban board is supposed to facilitate teams and that is why it is completely customizable. There are many settings, filters, and options to personalize the presentation. The board can be as insightful as you want and provide a complete overview of the team’s activities. Aha software has records from where users can select the requirements, tasks, and milestones they want to display on the board. They can toggle the card size and use bigger ones to demonstrate the importance of the task.


Users can customize the workflow board view and customize the entire layout. They can expand and collapse the features, requirements, and other options. There are multiple fields for cards and it can hold lists, attachments, and examples wherever required. The changes made affect the workflow page but the cards can be customized for every page differently.


The grouping option can control how the cards are displayed on the workflow board. It is easier to group cards in lanes for every individual team member. The cards can also be displayed according to their status. The board can be customized to show only the pending tasks or those that are completed by choosing from the dropdown menu.


Managing resources is also easier because the board allows capacity planning for the team. It shows estimates for remaining work and predicts the completion dates as well. Checking any of the boxes can show how much work is assigned to each member and the status of their tasks. This helps Aha project management software managers assign work fairly and equitably.


The Aha software Kanban boards provide a complete overview of the work estimates and remaining work for every column. They provide managers with an overview of how many hours have been logged in and how much work has been completed per user. It has a sum of tasks related to projects, milestones, and requirements. Any of the views can be saved for future reference.

Arranging the Workflow Board

Like all reports and boards available on Aha software, some filters can be used to only see specific items on the workflow board. Managers can focus on specific users, workspaces, and projects for quick analysis. Adding filters is very easy and users can set basic or advanced sorting options for any particular board or workspace.

The records can be arranged according to their ranking for example the initiatives will be arranged based on orders defined by the users. If multiple tasks require attention on the workboard, they will appear according to the timeline with the earlier cards appearing first. The ranking is based on the release group and when multiple workspaces are present then they will appear according to their date of creation.

Features and milestones can also be sorted according to any defined setting. The requirements are arranged based on the features they are relevant to. Any filtered view can be saved for future use. There are also options to create customized cards by ordering them on the workflow board. The drag and drop feature can be used to arrange them and retain the order. Cards will maintain their order even if users are starting with a filtered list.

The Aha product management software workflow board can be customized by anyone and the changes are reflected in the view almost immediately. This helps team members prioritize work according to its status.

Changing the Workflow View

Many users continue to use Aha software in the same way as they always have. However, they can examine their work and organize plans using complete lists. The visualization part of the workflow board includes different presentation tools such as the roadmap. The view can be changed from the drop-down menu and toggled between different common settings while retaining all filters.

The filters are added manually but can be transferred to a new page view. However, specific filters which are associated with the original view will not transfer to the new one. There are several view-type options and they can be selected for all items. A board is the most common one and provides a complete view of all the details and progress. On the other hand, a list is brief and only shows users the features.

The workflow board and roadmap are two other views that are useful for visualizing how far the team has come and how much longer they need to go.

For initiatives, users can choose to see all the details and expand their lists to accommodate all activities, team members, and related files. The Aha project management software chart can help them visualize and compare initiatives based on metrics. They can also select between a workflow or a roadmap which is one of the most useful ways to see what the current status of any initiative is.

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