Best Google Reviews Widget Tools for Marketers | 2022


Over the last few years, marketing worldwide has revamped greatly. And these innovations are not stopping anytime soon in 2022. One of these trends is adding the touch of authenticity with word-of-mouth marketing on digital touchpoints. Showcasing Google reviews on websites is a great example of this trend.

If your customers/clients/employees share their feedback on Google Reviews, you have a great resource in hand that you can leverage for marketing your brand. Add them to your website to build a connection with your potential customers. Use a Google Reviews widget tool to collect  Google reviews and enhance their presentation. It is important to show the most relevant content to your target audience.

But there are so many Google review widget tools available in the market that finding the best tool is not easy. We have shortlisted some of the best tools you can use to embed the Google review widget in this article.

Best Tools to Add Google Reviews Widget to Website

1. Taggbox

This no-code platform is famous for aggregating user-generated content from different platforms. Taggbox is a comprehensive solution to collect and present all your Google reviews. Adding Google reviews to your website using Taggbox is also beneficial because it auto-syncs the Google reviews to the widget. As soon as any of your customers share a Google review, it will appear on your website.

The advanced moderation features of Taggbox are so easy-to-use that you don’t need any technical expertise for it. With Taggbox’s moderation features, you can easily select and manage the Google Reviews widget you want to display on your website. It will

You shouldn’t just show Google reviews to your website visitors but show them creatively. Taggbox allows you to design your Google Review widget so you can ensure it coordinates with your website design.

2. Juicer

Juicer is also a social media aggregation tool that gives a complete pack of solutions. The suite includes the Google review widget that you can use for your website. Juicer’s widget tool will help you automatically collect the Google reviews and display them on your website. This auto-sync feature is beneficial to save time. You can then manage the reviews and delete any irrelevant ones.

You can also get the Juicer plugin if you have a WordPress website. It will ease your work. The eight themes from Juicer give you a variety of options for designing your widget feed. So, make the most of it and select the ones which suit your website design.

3. Tagembed

Another tool to embed Google Reviews widget is Tagembed. It is a dedicated tool to embed widgets on websites. Bundled with plenty of features, Tagembed helps you do a lot of things with the Google reviews you add to your website. Like you style the visual appearance of the review using the tool. Filter the reviews to display the best ones to your audience. Tagembed also shows analytics of the widget, so you see how your website visitors are engaging with the Google reviews.

Tagembed offers free as well as paid versions. The higher your package, the more features you get to unlock.

4. Elfsight

Similar to the above tools, Elfsight also acts as a social media aggregation tool, collecting Google reviews for you and presenting them beautifully on your website. By connecting your Google Business account with Elfsight, you can aggregate all the Google reviews at once, filter out the irrelevant ones, design the feed, and get the embed code. After this, you would only need to paste the embed code to your website CMS. Elfsight widget can be integrated with many different website platforms.

Elfsight tool enables users to design the Google review widget feed with its limited features. You can maintain the content quality of your website by moderating the Google reviews feed on the widget.


Above is a list of the best Google review widget tools. While selecting the tools, ensure that you know about all their features. You can use the trial versions before buying a paid plan. Out of the above tools, a few are scalable. You can use them for more than the Google review widgets. Getting paid plans of these scalable tools will be beneficial for you because you can scale your marketing plans easily.

Our recommendation will be Taggbox in this case. It is a complete UGC platform allowing you to show social media walls on websites, displays, email campaigns, etc.

At last, we advise you to make the best use of the tool you buy. Utilize its maximum or all features and add a creative Google review widget to your website.

Summing up here, using the Google review widget tool is the smartest way to make your website engaging and reliable for your audience.

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