10 Natural Wonders Near Los Angeles


It takes a while to take in all that Los Angeles puts up on offer, Beverly Hills, The Dolby Theatre, Universal Park, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mecca for world-class entertainment, ginormous stadiums, countless theme parks and world-class museums.

We all know that Los Angeles attracts many tourists the whole year just because of its beauty. But very few people know that they can also enjoy the Natural Wonders Near Los Angeles. If you are planning to explore Los Angeles this year. You should have to follow this given list for your trip.


1. La Brea Tar Pits

An unlikely spot in the middle of a green city park, the La Brea Tar Pits is located in Downtown Los Angeles and is currently one of the rarest and largest urban excavation sites where thousands of fossils of both plants and animals have been excavated. Many species from the Ice Age have been found here like Mammoths, Sabre Tooth Cats, Sloths, Dire Wolfs etc.

The site here is now a part of the L. A Natural History Museum that has already nearly one million prehistoric specimens. You want to see all thee specimens then make your Aeromexico Booking reach this place.

2. Griffith Park And Observatory

Arguably one of the best experience-based destinations here in Los Angeles, Griffith Park and Observatory is California’s largest state park spread across 4210 acres. The Park here is home to many attractions like the Los Angeles Zoo, observatory, golf courses, hiking trails, riding centers, etc. Open to all public the park is named after Griffith J. Griffith who donated most of the parkland to the state in 1896.

3. Kenneth Hahn state recreation area

Spanning nearly 338 acres, the Kenneth Hahn State is a state park and is located in the Baldwin Hills Mountain. The area here is one of the largest public parks in LA and is a lush recreational park that offers visitors a lot many activities to indulge in ranging from Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Fishing, Hiking, Volleyball, etc.

4. Eagle rock

Located in Northeast Los Angeles, Eagle Rock is located between Glendale and Pasadena and is an impressive sight in itself but what is truly impressive is the shadow in the rockface. When the sunlight hits the rockface at the perfect angle the shadow formed looks similar to that of a soaring eagle.

5. Joshua tree national park

Situated approximately about two and half hours away from Los Angeles, Joshua National Park sports raw beauty in the form of stunning sunsets, big boulders and various other flora and fauna. The Park is believed to have been named by the Mormons who thought that trees shared an interesting resemblance to that of Joshua’s arm that pointed out towards the promised land.

The national park is most active between October and May when the summer heat subsides. The Park offers a host of activities to indulge in from hiking to stargazing but is exceptionally attractive for rock climbing with its 8000+ established climbing routes.

6. Malibu

Situated west of Los Angles County, Malibu is a beach city and has a coastal strip running almost 27 miles of awe-inspiring beach and pleasant weather. Malibu consists of many smaller beaches like Big Rock Beach, Las Flores Beach, Zuma Beach, Point Dume Beach, Topanga Beach, Malibu State Beach, Surfrider Beach, etc.

7. Laguna Beach

Located in the South of Los Angeles, Laguna Beach offers some great water, nature reserves and is known for its environmental preservation efforts, scenic coves, and year-round mild weather. The city has managed to stay relatively isolated from expansive urban growth and limited highway access.

8. Manhattan beach

Located towards the South-West, Manhattan Beach is a gem that hosts extensive shores nearly 2.1 miles long and 450 feet wide. Due to its close proximity to the Pacific, the area here usually experiences moderate temperatures with an average high of around 20.6c.

The majority of the area around Manhattan Beach were all exposed sand dunes measuring nearly 244 feet high and the Sand Dune Park here is one of the last remaining exposed sand dunes around the area.

9. Ballona Wetland

Located in Los Angeles County, the Ballona Wetland is one of the last major wetland areas in the LA     basin. Like all other natural coves in the city, the wetlands still exist due to the collective effort of environmentalists and state efforts in preserving the Wetland. There are many other things that you can see in this place so visit the American Airlines Booking section and make your flight ticket to visit.

10. Death Valley National Park

Located approximately right around 4 hours away from Los Angles, don’t let the name of this park throw you off, Death Valley National Park is actually one of the most beautiful parks in America due its otherworldly landscape found through its wild trails. The Park is usually really not that active during the summers as it gets really hot and most travelers prefer to visit it during spring or late fall to avoid the scorching heat.

Visitors during late March and early April may stand a chance to catch a glimpse of the wildflower super bloom. Other attractions at this park are the Artist’s Palette black mountains that throw a scenic collection of pink, orange, brown, green and turquoise colors on hillsides.

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